Like any human activity, companies produce greenhouse gas emissions

The direct or indirect use of fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal, results in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These contribute to trapping heat on the surface of the earth, which increases the temperature of the atmosphere and causes significant climate change on a global scale.

What to compensate?

A company’s GHG emissions compensation do not only concern daily journeys and business trips by plane, car, or any other means of motorized transport. Other activities are also to be considered such as, among others, events, conferences, electricity consumption for heating, air conditioning and ventilation, lighting, various appliances, and machines, not to mention computers, servers, printers, and telephone.

Why compensate?

To fight effectively against global warming, an organization must above all define and implement strategies that will allow it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Despite all these positive actions, there will always be a certain amount of GHG that the company cannot avoid emitting. It is then possible to offset part of these emissions through the sequestration of CO2.

How to compensate?

There are various ways to compensate GHG emissions for a business. Among all the existing solutions, reforestation and trees planting are carbon capture projects that include several advantages. Trees absorb and store CO2. They produce oxygen. They promote biodiversity. They help fight erosion. They purify the air. They regulate extreme temperature variations and protect against heat.


  • A number of trees with your budget
  • A quantity for a specific project
  • As part of targeted compensation
  • With a GHG emissions estimation
  • A volume of trees evolving thereafter
  • An estimated quantity for you


  • Creating your “tree reserve”
  • Choice of planting project
  • On-demand local site assessment
  • Determination of tree species
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Follow-up with the various partners


  • Multimedia direction and production
  • Web development and social networks
  • Editorial and journalistic content
  • Prospecting/acquisition customer tool
  • Your personalized web page on this site
  • Have your customers plant trees