In order to promote your tree planting project financing and your action for the fight against global warming, the experts of One To Tree Solutions will establish a tailor-made communication plan, in close collaboration with your marketing team.

From your “tree capital”, One To Tree Solutions also provides you with a personalized tool that will allow you to have your prospects plant trees. This unique device is an excellent way to collect valuable information about your potential customers, measure their interest in your company, your products or your services, and then follow up on business with them.

It is also possible to offer your customers, partners and collaborators the possibility of planting a tree in your name, as part of a reward program or as a gift.


We provide photography, video and drone services. Our teams travel, or correspondents are present on site, to collect visuals that show the evolution of the trees planted and the progress of the projects financed thanks to your company. These elements can be deployed on all of your communication tools.

Web and social media

In collaboration with your web and social media team, our creative department is able to develop several types of visuals, photographs , animations and videos. Montages can also be used, according to your needs, in the form of web banners, pop-ups or integrated according to your different digital media. These elements are also used to feed your news feeds on your social networks.

Editorial content

In order to provide editorial content for your site, blog, social networks and communication tools, we provide editorial services , in French and in English. Whether in the form of in-depth articles, interviews, reports or reviews, we help you promote your action to your customers and partners.

Your dedicated web page

As soon as your trees are planted, we create a page dedicated to your company on our site, with its personalized URL address. This page presents all the reforestation projects in which your organization participates. Each planting site is located on a map, and illustrated with photographs and/or videos. A text presents the project, the nature of the trees chosen as well as their number, the environmental benefits and the amount of CO2 offset.

A customer prospecting tool

This exclusive tool allows you to establish initial contact with prospects by offering them the possibility of planting one or more trees , from your “tree reserve”, associating their name with your company.
For this, a secret code will be sent to targeted prospects through a personalized email. They will access your dedicated page on the One To Tree Solutions website. If they accept it, they can use this code to choose a project and validate the planting operation, after having filled in several general information fields. This information will thus enrich your CRM. A good opportunity for your sales and marketing team to acquire new data.
This innovative solution is also an effective and original way to promote your company’s commitment and values.

A reward program

From your dedicated page, you also have a tool that invites your privileged contacts to come and plant one or several trees on your behalf. A good way to reward a business partner, supplier, customer or employees with a gift from your company. This gesture can also motivate your contacts to get involved in the fight against global warming, the reduction of their GHGs and the financing of tree planting projects. The name of each participant will be associated with your company for each tree planted.

Get carbon credits

If your company wishes to translate its greenhouse gas offset into carbon credits or offset credits, One To Tree Solutions will take care of its conversion with the organizations concerned, thanks to a network of international partners.


  • A number of trees with your budget
  • A quantity for a specific project
  • As part of targeted compensation
  • With a GHG emissions estimation
  • A volume of trees evolving thereafter
  • An estimated quantity for you


  • Creating your “tree reserve”
  • Choice of planting project
  • On-demand local site assessment
  • Determination of tree species
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Follow-up with the various partners


  • Multimedia direction and production
  • Web development and social networks
  • Editorial and journalistic content
  • Prospecting/acquisition customer tool
  • Your personalized web page on this site
  • Have your customers plant trees