Solidarity and ethical reforestation


Impulso Verde Kuaspue


Nariño region (between 3,000 and 4,000 m above sea level)

local partner

7 community associations and about 150 families

Number of trees

More than 300,000 trees

Type of trees

About 50 native species produced by local nurseries

Impulso Verde Kuaspue is a non-profit Colombian NGO dedicated to reforestation, the protection of forests, water resources and biodiversity in general. It works for the preservation of the Andean forest and more particularly of the páramos, capable of retaining large volumes of water in the ground. The partnership and involvement of peasant and indigenous communities is an important issue for the project in order to ensure its sustainability. The extension and strengthening of the network of community nurseries, which are the first beneficiaries of the project, constitute its central axis.