The first step in the process is to assess the number of trees your company wishes to commit to. This total can be established according to your available communication or donation budget. It may also depend on the chosen tree planting project based on your specific goals, expectations or interests.

It is important to note that tree unit costs vary depending on the location and nature of the project. They may also depend on the type and degree of maturity of the species chosen. Similarly, some partners require a minimum quantity of trees to ensure the viability and sustainability of the planting program.

As such, One To Tree Solutions recommends tree planting financing plans established over several years so that your company can benefit from the positive impact of its commitment to the fight against global warming over the long term. This also promotes better monitoring of these projects and makes it possible to have relevant and constantly updated communication tools.

According to your budget

You can allocate a fraction of your communication or donation budget to fund one or more tree planting projects. It is important to note that this amount will include the purchase of trees, planting and maintenance, as well as the communication tools specifically developed for your company. This budget can change at any time and from one year to the next if your company chooses to make a long-term commitment.

For a specific project

Some planting projects managed by our partners require the purchase of a minimum number of trees. Since these programs are closely linked to cost negotiation capacities and production capacities, their financing requires guaranteeing amounts ensuring their viability. However, despite these constraints, the funding for these projects is well within the middle range of other plantation programs.

According to a targeted compensation

If your company already knows its greenhouse gas offsetting objectives, we can assess the number of trees or the projects corresponding to your needs with the help of our partners. You can also determine a certain volume of CO2 to offset in order to allow your company to voluntarily take part in the fight against global warming.

With an evaluation of your GHG emissions

It is possible to assess the volume of CO2 emissions of your company by calling on experts specially appointed for this mission. This analysis concerns, among other things:

  • Road travel, air travel and freight transport
  • Consumption of electricity, hydrocarbons and raw materials
  • Waste, residues and other polluting emissions
  • Human resources, accommodation, catering and events
  • Offices, warehouses, production sites and various facilities

A scalable volume of trees

When your company commits to purchasing a certain number of trees to plant, it is always possible add new funding over time. Either with the current program or for another of your choice. Similarly, after financing a plantation, you can also choose to diversify your “tree reserve” or change the program.

An expertise by our team

The One To Tree Solutions team is able to advise you in your choice of planting programs. We can determine for you the project best suited to your budget, your corporate communication and your greenhouse gas offset policy.


  • A number of trees with your budget
  • A quantity for a specific project
  • As part of targeted compensation
  • With a GHG emissions estimation
  • A volume of trees evolving thereafter
  • An estimated quantity for you


  • Creating your “tree reserve”
  • Choice of planting project
  • On-demand local site assessment
  • Determination of tree species
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Follow-up with the various partners


  • Multimedia direction and production
  • Web development and social networks
  • Editorial and journalistic content
  • Prospecting/acquisition customer tool
  • Your personalized web page on this site
  • Have your customers plant trees